What is T&T System?

Our T&T System allows us to identify distribution channels and sales routes by tracking the current and past locations of products authenticated with mobile application. Gathered information is also used to identify fakes, which results in fewer sales for counterfeiters and less erosion of brand equity.

Location & Time Information

Statistics Per Period/Device

Real-time Analysis

Consumer Report

1. Systematic statistical system

The results of smart phone app authentication from all over the world, with product and location information, are sent to the T&T system in real time and analyze various information.

2. Customer report function

As reporting information about counterfeit product and counterfeiters, it helps to crack down on piracy and complement to the CRM(Customer relationship management).

3. Blacklist management

Blacklist management system automatically collects information of authentication for the manufacture of counterfeit goods, and monitors suspected counterfeiter’s appliance consistently.

4. Accumulation of distribution process data

Customers can check themselves directly the process transferring from the manufacturer to the customer.