Dedicated Reader

Dedicated reader is a sophisticated hand held device for reading special spectral ink.

It gathers hundreds of data points per reading to ensure an exact match to the spectral signature.
It is small enough to fit in pockets and is simple to use.
It does not need mobile application to authenticate.

How to Authenticate Using Dedicated Reader


Press the button on the dedicated reader to turn the power on. The reader is turned on if a blue light comes on for a second with a ‘beep’ sound.


Press the button briefly while placing the reader on the tag as in the picture above. Preventing light from coming in between the reader and the tag is necessary for accurate verification. Genuine if light comes on green with two ‘beep’s, counterfeit if light comes on red with a short ‘beep’.


Press and hold the button to turn the powder off. (The power turns itself off after several minutes when left on)

Mobile Application

Authentication app is for consumers to verify their products with mobile phones.

Authentication is possible wherever there is mobile network connectivity available.
It is free on App Store and Play Store, and is easy to distribute.
Consumers can file counterfeit reports and help catch counterfeiters.

You can also create a brand-specific app to serve an authentication app for products of your brand only.

Try BrandSafer Authentication App Now!

BrandSafer Q

Authentication App for BrandSafer Q tags

PapaRecipe Q

Authentication App for PapaRecipe Q tags

BrandSafer S

Authentication App for BrandSafer S tags

PapaRecipe S

Authentication App for PapaRecipe S tags

Authentication Process Using Mobile App

Run Application

Scan Tag

Result – Genuine

Result – Counterfeit


File a Report