Anti-Counterfeit Solutions of Tags and
Labels with Security Ink Applied

Smart Reader

Authentication Using Smartphone
Application and Dedicated Reader

T&T System

Distribution Management Achieved
by Track and Trace System

Our solution offers tags with special security ink applied, Smart Reader(smartphone application and dedicated reader)
for authentication, and Track & Trace System to manage distribution channels.
We are constantly developing new technologies to keep up with the ever-growing ‘fake’ market.

Highly Reliable and Highly Utilized

  • We apply pre-formulated security ink on tags and labels that enables easy and quick authentication using dedicated readers.
  • Unlike other security methods using images or electric waves, our technology analyzes the components of the ink and therefore do not allow forgery.
  • Our solution can be applied to any object or material including ink, polymer film, plastic, paper, metal, glass, tree, fiber, ceramic ware, etc.

Low Cost, High Efficiency

  • Our solution is software-based and is much cheaper than hardware-based solutions, such as solutions that use RFID or NFC.
  • Thanks to an online tracking system that tracks down real-time locations of authenticated products and enables distribution network management, we effectively prevent damages caused by re-importation, parallel importation, and distribution of counterfeits.

Proven Technology, High Quality

  • In countries like Ukraine and Turkey, our technology is used to create taxpayers’ certificates which requires security features similar to that of currency.
  • Domestic companies in various fields such as apparel, cosmetics and IT are responding to the production and distribution of Chinese counterfeit goods by using our technology.

Stable Operating Environment

  • As a company being listed on KOSDAQ since 2005, iCraft provides reliable customer support service.
  • More than 100 R&D staffs and more than 20 operating personnel are continuously developing better solutions for the future.