By combining the technology of KOMSCO with ours,

we offer more powerful security solutions to protect your brand equity.

Secret QR Embossing Latent Image Tag

Embossing Latent Image technology of KOMSCO is added to the BrandSafer Q tag.

  • The advantages of BrandSafer Q are leveraged.
    – It is authenticated by verifying encrypted QR and 6-digit combination of random numbers and letters.
    – Brand marketing and distribution/distributor management is possible.
  • Latent image includes a ground pattern, a first latent image and a second latent image. The ground pattern hides the presence of the latent images at an angle, at which the latent images are not revealed.

Dedicated Reader Mobile App T&T System Distribution Management Distributor Management

Authentication App for Secret QR Embossing Latent Image Tag

BrandSafer Q

Authentication App for BrandSafer Q tags


Paparecipe Bombee Mask
(Secret QR Embossing Latent Image Double-layer Tag)

PapaRecipe Q

Authentication App for PapaRecipe S tags