Icraft announced on Tuesday that BrandSafer, a division of the anti-counterfeit Solutions business, has formally acquired patents related to the “Implement for a genuine certification, A genuine certification system” in the United States.

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According to Icraft, the company received official notification on the 24th of January about the official registration of patent, which was filed last year. Icraft executives said, “With this, BrandSafer solution will be able to accelerate entry into overseas markets”.
BrandSafer is currently working on the patent for the authentication system in Not only in the United States, but also in China and Japan.

Also, Icraft has enhanced a track & trace system that realizes the irregular distribution channel in real time by strengthening and reorganizing their existing tracking management system, and has already applied to some of the customers.

BrandSafer’s “Track & trace system” divides distribution channels by regional and national measure and figure out unusual distribution channels in real time, thereby providing customers chance to crackdown irregular distribution as well as the threat of their goods which will provide highly utilized services.

Based on this, BrandSafer solution will be applied not only to the cosmetics industry, but also to the pharmaceuticals and daily necessities industries.
Icraft executives said, “The total sales and production volume of BrandSafer tags has exceeded 500 million, and if it grows, it will be able to grow more than 150% over the previous year.”

Especially from this year, Icraft plans to start local supply in China, and a partnership agreement is currently underway with several local companies. As such, expectations for performances and profitability improvement are increasing.

“We are already negotiating with local companies about supplying solutions, and localization will begin in the second half of the year and we will continue finding new companies by participating in the anti-counterfeit exhibitions holding in China this year.” said the executive.

Meanwhile, in November last year, a large scale counterfeit manufacturing site was discovered in Guangzhou and it is an evaluation that BrandSafer solution played an important role in the detection.
“As the BrandSafer solution plays an important role in detecting the counterfeits, reliability of the solution is increasing,” said Icraft official. “In addition, as the number of users of BrandSafer application in China increases, we are rapidly responding increased customers’ inquiries which led high customer satisfaction.” he said.

“We are preparing for the launch of new solutions that are more upgraded than current solutions. We will continue to concentrate our efforts on resolving issues related to counterfeit products in Korea, United States, and China,” he added.

Currently, Paparecipe (main customer of BrandSafer) has a strong legal response plan including administrative disposition and criminal prosecution through discussions with local lawyers. In addition, in order to minimize damage from counterfeits, anti-counterfeit hologram tag was applied to mask packs in June and it will be applied to all lineups of products they provide.

The papar recipe brand manager said, “As the popularity of the representative product ‘Bom Bee mask pack’ in China has increased, there have been more and more cases of illegal profits through the production and distribution of counterfeit goods. She added, “In the future, We plan to respond strongly against counterfeits through administrative measures as well as criminal lawsuits.”

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