BrandSafer’s ‘Secret QR’ tag, an anti-counterfeit tag with patented technology of Korea Minting Corporation applied, is now preventing attempts to counterfeit facial masks of Paparecipe

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As a network specialist company that develops anti-counterfeit solution, Icraft Co., Ltd. announced that its new product ‘Secret QR’ tag which is a collaboration of its existing anti-counterfeit solution and the patent technology of KOMSCO(Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation) will be applied to facial masks of Paparecipe.

To accomplish this, Icraft entered into a supply contract with KOMSCO. It also entered into a contract with Costory Co., Ltd., a cosmetics company that owns the brand Paparecipe, for over 6 billion won.

Since its launch in 2012, Paparecipe has been active in China as a cosmetic brand that uses safe ingredients harmless to the human body. Especially the best-selling series, ‘Bombee Honey Mask’ series, enables Costory’s monthly average sales of 10 billion won due to its attention as a skin moisturizer/nutrition using propolis and honey ingredients found in honeycomb.

BrandSafer’s new solution will be applied to this mask series. BrandSafer is an anti-counterfeit solution which enables counterfeit prevention, distribution management, marketing information utilization, and product tracking. The new solution includes tracking system, mobile authentication application, and anti-counterfeit tag with 5 security features. The security features are ▶spectral security ink, ▶Secret QR that encrypts and stores variable data, ▶top-layer that covers some information needed for authentication, ▶visual and tactile characteristics of KOMSCO’s patented technology.

The spectral security ink applied on the ‘Secret QR’ tag is used for tax filing in Turkey and Ukraine for several years and has a legal level of reliability. Also, each tag has unique data that does not overlap with any other tag. It hides the encrypted data with its proprietary image recognition technology in the popular QR form. “With the ‘Secret QR’ tag, we expect to eradicate the distribution of counterfeit products in China, where QR code is widely used,” said the officials of Costory.

In addition to the spectral security ink, Embossing Latent Image technology of KOMSCO is applied to the ‘Secret QR’ tag. Embossing Latent Image is a patented technology that enables color change according to the angle of vision.

“Now the consumers can visually and tactually distinguish genuine products from counterfeit goods,” said the officials of Icraft. He said that not only as an authentication method but also as a promotional and marketing tool that enables the connection between companies and consumers, the new anti-counterfeit solution of BrandSafer is expected to emerge even more sharply.

Icraft is in the process of linking the mobile application with WeChat, the largest messaging application in China, and will provide a variety of services aimed at Chinese consumers, including services through mini-apps and public events.

The company is also planning to enter Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, and plans to continue further research to develop anti-counterfeiting solutions that are more in line with customers’ need.

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