What is BrandSafer Q?

BrandSafer Q tag consists of a Secret QR and a 6-digit combination of random numbers and letters.

  • QR code on BrandSafer Q tag is called a ‘Secret QR’, which differs from other QR codes in that it uses highly sophisticated encryption algorithm to hide information needed for authentication. Counterfeiters cannot see the embedded information, but it is simple to decrypt using our BrandSafer Q mobile app on a smartphone.
  • By assigning each product a different combination of random numbers and letters, we effectively detect counterfeit attempts and prevent products from being forged multiple times.
  • App software can be used to display authenticated brand owner product information on a consumer’s mobile phone.
  • Registered distributors can authenticate without limits and their authentication records are managed separately from those of the consumer.

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Authentication App for BrandSafer Q

BrandSafer Q

Authentication App for BrandSafer Q tags

How to Authenticate


Download and install BrandSafer Q mobile application.


Peel away the top layer of the tag starting from where it says ‘OPEN’. The tag won’t be verified if the top layer is attached.


Run the app and adjust the camera position so that both the QR and the 6-digit combination of numbers and letters are shown on the screen.(Touch the screen to focus)


Authentication result will be shown if the tag is properly scanned. Please file a report if counterfeit. Your report will be very helpful for counterfeit prevention.


Paparecipe Bombee Mask(BrandSafer Q Double-layer Tag)

PapaRecipe Q

Authentication App for PapaRecipe Q tags